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Courtney Tarrant

Boutique Facebook™ Ads Agency for Online Entrepreneurs

Get the sales you crave with the support you deserve.

Are you done playing small?

You can do more. You can be more. Let’s do it together.

Facebook™ Ads is how we get there.

We help successful digital coaches, course creators, and e-commerce store owners skyrocket from six to seven-figures and beyond.

This is scaling with ease.

Spending just 90-minutes with Courtney saved me over $20,000

Before working with Courtney I had worked with other Facebook Ads “Experts” and unknowingly wasted tens of thousands of dollars. But after just 90-minutes with Courtney, I felt empowered in my business and understood ads in a way I never had before. Not only is Courtney extremely knowledgeable in the world of Facebook Ads, she truly cares about her clients in a way most marketers simply don’t, taking the time to explain Ads so I know EXACTLY where each dollar is being spent. Courtney is an outstanding talent and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Merel Kriegsman, Business Mentor

I got 300 leads AND got over a 10X return in the first-month w/ Courtney!

Courtney is such a powerhouse! Seriously, I worked for months building my organic audience on Facebook™/Instagram™ and within one month Courtney helped me quadruple my efforts. Not only did she help my organic marketing efforts, but I ended up getting an over 10X return on every dollar I spent. I had a successful business before starting ads, but with Courtney, I skyrocketed to the next level! If you’re looking for a Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ad Expert, Courtney is your gal.

Becky Keen, Soul-Centered Business Coach

Hands down, Courtney is the BEST person I have ever worked with when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads!

Courtney has been amazing to work with! I have worked with other social media agencies and I never really felt like they were there for me. They were HUGE companies with a million people handling my account and I never knew who I was dealing with or who to reach out to if I needed something. Courtney and her team have been available to answer all of my questions, they’re always prompt to respond and it’s a totally different experience. I have tried to run ads on my own and used other companies before working with Courtney and our best month was 5 leads. Since I started using Courtney I have gone from 5 leads per month to 40+ leads each month with the return on my investment showing up in the first few days! The leads I get are always high quality and she works WITH me to create awesome ads. Hands down, Courtney is the BEST person I have ever worked with when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads. If you’re looking for someone to run your ads, Courtney is your person!

Karinda Kinsler, Karinda K. Equine Photography

What makes us different?


We provide training and support to your existing team so you can understand our process and excel with facebook Ads. There's no magic behind a curtain you're not allowed to see. Just results.


We only take on a very small number of clients at a time to ensure we can provide you with our very best work and give you our full attention. We don't work with you unless we are confident in you and your products or services.


We are the experts. You will never be handed off to an intern with 6 months of experience. Our team is filled with top-level account managers to ensure you get the best.

When I’m not making my client’s dreams come true...

... I’m busy living my dream life!

12 Fun Facts about me:

I am a dog lover! I have three pups of my own and often foster an additional 1 - 2!

I live on a nearly 3,000-acre ranch with my husband (this makes having so many sweet fur friends much easier!)

I met my husband by hitting on him in a bar (scandalous, I know!), I ended my pick up line with “I think we would be perfect together” and the rest, as they say, is history!

I moved to Europe for a little over a year when I thought I wanted to be an international teacher… I quit my job six months in and decided backpacking & hitchhiking from place to place was more my speed!

I have my nose pierced, but most people don’t notice!

I have always been a big fan of movies, but my favorite movie of all time is a 1940s claymation “The Year without a Santa Claus” I love the message of kindness and it reminds me that the world is not so bad after all…

I wanted to be married my entire life and wrote love letters to my husband every time I thought of him starting when I was 16! I never told anyone about it until I gifted the notebook to him on our wedding day!

My first car was a 1968 Nova I rebuilt with my parents help, I knew more about engines and racing than most boys and I loved being “the girl who drives the race car” in school.

Shockingly, the only speeding tickets I ever got were in the span of two weeks in my mom's car (never in my racecar)...

I have traveled to every continent except Australia and Antarctica and traveling is one of the big reasons I decided to take my business online!

I have 5 siblings in the best-blended family ever (step, half, full, you name it I got it!)

I love to crochet and will take my yarn in public like an old woman if I know I’ll be waiting in a waiting room (I have to stay busy!)

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